High Braes Refuge

All retreats are housed in a building called the Manor House, a 7000 square foot 1900 century mansion. This building sits high on a hill surrounded by 310 wooded acres. Our group will be the only group in the building providing us with the utmost privacy.

The Manor House has seven sleeping rooms, all on the second floor. All rooms have a private bathroom. A Lodging Diagram can be found on their website. The bedrooms are not handicap accessible.

All meals are fresh and homemade. Special dietary needs such as gluten-free and vegetarian, as well as considerations for food allergies, are offered. Coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate are available throughout your stay.

The Braes is located in south-west foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, about 1 hour north of Syracuse and about 50 minutes south of Watertown. Braes is a SCOTTISH noun for “a steep bank or hillside” pronounced with a long A sound.

There are over 2 miles of trails that meander through 310 wooded acres up to Stony Brook Falls and come back along the ridge overlooking the river.

The cost includes 2 nights, 5 meals and the program.