Scripture Path

“We must come to sacred Scripture ready to be placed at God’s disposal and therefore keen to hear His Word. This keenness to hear may be compared to that of a mother for her baby. … Her care affects her senses so that she hears with new ears. In love of God and keenness to hear from Him we, too, will develop new, inner ears to pick up his quiet voice, speaking to us words of grace.” – Peter Toon, Meditating As a Christian

Listening to, reading, and meditating on Scripture are ways to help us apply them to our everyday needs.

Praying with the Apostles

Insert your first name, and use these as prayers.

Topic: God’s Care

Matthew 10: 30,31 “How amazing is your care for us, Lord. You have even numbered the hairs of our heads. Help __________ to rejoice in this and to have greater faith and confidence in you, completely trusting you.”

Luke 12: 6, 7 “Teach __________ the truths concerning your amazing love and watch-care for us … that you have numbered the hairs of our heads. Teach her that your eye is on every sparrow and that we are of more value than many sparrows.”

Luke 12: 27 “Lord, we are told that if God takes care of lilies, how much more will he care for us. Give __________this faith and confidence.

Acts 2: 25 “Help __________ to confidently say with King David, ‘I know the Lord is always with me. He is helping me. God’s mighty power supports me.'”

Acts 18: 9, 10 “Lord, speak to __________ in the same way you spoke too Paul, saying, ‘Don’t be afraid! Speak out! Don’t quit! For I am with you and no one can harm you.’

Romans 8: 28 “Give __________ the confidence that all things work together for good because she loves you and is called according to your purpose.”

Romans 8: 31 “Give ___________ the assurance and confidence that since you are for us, nobody can prevail against us.”

(adapted from “pocket Prayers” by Robert C. Savage)