(The Abbey) “I felt the peace of God at The Abbey. Everything was great and refreshing. This is a great location.”  Audrey, East Cleveland, OH

(The Abbey) “This has been one of the best, holiest, and enriching retreats I have attended. God Bless you !!! Many, many thanks”  Chris, Rochester, NY

(The Abbey) “I loved every moment of it! The quiet time with the Lord in my room, taking walks on the trail, walking to The Abbey (chapel) and going to Mas and Vespers – very peaceful.     Everyone was so loving. The food was good. I liked the DVD, too”   Mary, Clifton Springs, NY                                                                                                                                                                                                                         –

(The Abbey) “Wonderful beyond my expectations. I appreciate all the love and care shown by the leaders – all the little touches. My personal theme, Rest, fulfilled!”  Denise, Newark, NY

“July 30 is my own scheduled retreat with the Lord. I’m on # 81 and I learned my lesson well from my first GodQuest – when you schedule a time for the Lord and you, keep the appointment no matter what…. These monthly retreats have become one of the most precious things I do for myself. Thank You. You started them in my life.”  Fran, Carrollton, OH

“The weekend was intensely personal and meaningful to me. I needed the quietness…”   LeBron, Mt. Vernon, OH

“I am very satisfied with my retreat experience. I needed the time alone with God. I need regular time alone with God and with lots of discipline. I pray I will make more and more time. I am very glad and thankful for this weekend. God Bless you and all you do. Thank You.   Jim, Alliance, OH

“As usual, very well organized and executed, and hospitable. A Great time of Reflection in a wonderful setting”   John, Medina, OH

“I appreciate the opportunity you have provided for us to set aside a few days on purpose to draw closer to our Heavenly Father. This is my second time with you and I’m looking forward to many more.  Terry, Akron, OH

“If I only had one more day to live, I’d want to spend it at GodQuest.”  Danita, Minerva, OH

“I thank God for this “Retreat” and I thank Him for you, Donna, for letting Him use you to start something so wonderful for His children. I was blessed. I have never spent this much time with the Lord. I had a J.A.M. time (“Jesus and Me”). It was so peaceful, so quiet, so nice. (smile). Everything was well organized. You didn’t miss anything. That’s nothing but God.
Again, I want to say Thank You for this lovely time for teaching me something new.   To all that helped you set up this weekend – Thank You.
It just seemed to have ended too quickly.”  Marie, Mansfield, OH

“I would like to thank everyone on the GodQuest team for making this weekend possible. – You truly showed us the love of Christ and made us feel so welcomed. I enjoyed the teachings, encouraging words, and the worship brought back such special memories. I have been studying meditation, contemplation, and silence in the spiritual classics by Richard Foster. This weekend helped me put them into practice. May the LORD continue to bless each of you and this excellent ministry.”  Marilee, Bay Village, OH

“Thank You so much for giving me this solitude !
My life is so hectic – this weekend is a good reminder to take QUIET TIME often!.
Everything about this weekend was wonderful!  So comfy and safe!”  Jennifer, Medina, OH

“Thank You, Donna. This ministry of Silent Retreats has been a God send.   It’s had a lasting impact on my life and God has used it to minister deeply to me. Thank you for the insight and heart for Women’s needs to have “alone” time with our Lord. It was nice to bond with Him and to have the support of a community of fellow believers who also love to spend time alone with the Lord.”  Janice, Massillon, OH

“I want to thank you for being faithful to this ministry. It was an amazing experience and God totally exceeded any expectations I may have had. I also want to thank you for all the “little things” you did to make us feel pampered… the mugs, candy, candle, bubble bath, etc. Especially the sign on the TV that really helped avoid temptation. I thank you so much for the opportunity to be alone with God. I needed it more than I knew. Thank You for all the hard work you put into these retreats. They bless so many women and I know that God is going to continue to bless this ministry with great abundance. I’m so thankful that you have been obedient to this calling. You and GodQuest will continue to be in my prayers.”  Cynthia, Green, OH

“Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in this retreat!
Your welcome to me as soon as I opened my car door, the note awaiting me this morning, and the prayers offered on my behalf are all such an encouragement to me.
The solitude and silence given to me are certainly a treasure for me. All the extra thoughtful provisions were greatly appreciated: the wonderful room with candles and such, the art bag, the hot chocolate. May the Lord continue to bless you and this ministry.”  Darleen, Alliance, OH

This is hands down – bar none – no doubt about it –
the BEST retreat I have EVER been on (in about 16 years I have been to about 16 retreats).
NO! and KNOW! (okay, that’s two words)
NO Restrictions (except no talking)
NO Schedule to Keep
NO Messages to Note
NO Crafts to Make
NO Social “Have-to’s” or “Hi’s”
It was just Jesus and Me, and getting to know God better.
All this with just the right amount of friends (and talk) mixed in.

I am sooooo relaxed, sooooo at peace.
Why? I could take this for a week!”  Debi, North Royalton, OH

“Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in this retreat… a safe place for women to be alone with the Lord.
Such a wonderful time of resting in the Lord, being quiet enough to hear His voice.
What a blessing this has been for me. I enjoyed time to worship with you on Friday evening and loved all the smiles and waves on Saturday. God truly gave me some insights today. I felt his loving arms around me and that peace that only he can offer. I pray all of you had a great time of renewal and refreshment, too. I look forward to the next time to participate in a GodQuest event. Thanks for your love.”  Nancy, Brecksville, OH

“I have been waiting and watching the mail for sometime now. I am excited to hear from you. I hope there is room for me. The Lord blessed me abundantly at my last silent retreat. …”  Jo Ann, Seven Hills, OH

“Thank you for arranging another Silent Retreat. Without distractions of our busy lives, and the beauty of nature around us … our hearts and minds so easily are drawn to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Quiet time with Him at home is so good … but at a Silent Retreat it seems deeper and richer.”  Monica, Parma, OH

“Could you send me any information for your quiet retreats?
I’m very interested in being a part of it.
I believe you have tapped into what really matters to our Savior, time with Him.
will be looking forward to hearing from you.”  Linda, Canton, OH

“Your retreat, “GodQuest,” is based on the Scripture Psalm 37:7. It speaks to the greatest need. Each follower of Christ must “find” time to incorporate this into our lives. If we don’t take time, our relationship with God is diminished and our spirits cannot be filled. God bless you and your co-workers as you continue God’s work in this wonderful ministry. “In quietness and healing we find the joy of an ever-present Father.”  Mary, Canton, OH

“THANK YOU! for providing this opportunity to be refreshed, to regain perspective, to be STILL and SILENT. How blessed I am to have had this time away and alone with the lover of my soul…. GodQuest has been a refreshing rain in a parched land for me. I look forward to returning as often as I am able.”  Rosalie, Munroe Falls, OH

“I appreciate your prayer and faithfulness to God. The prayers for the two weeks after the retreat was a blessing. The moment I got home, I plunged into work and was busy day and night. …My husband and I were almost in a car accident – separate times, a day apart. If it were not for the prayers and the safety of God’s angels protecting us – it would have been a disaster. As It turned out neither of us was even hit!  My thoughts often return to the Retreat weekend and I can’t help but smile – I try to remember each face and voice. It was such a good time. I enjoyed everyone who was there and I look forward to seeing them again.”  Linda, Sugar Grove, OH

“It was a wonderful retreat and profitable time with the Lord.
For me, it was a cleansing time to get rid of the staleness and accumulated dust (Spring-Cleaning) from over the winter of my life.
He can use me now to a greater degree. What a blessed relief.”  Fay, Lincoln, Va.

“Thank You So Much for being obedient to God and doing these Retreats.
My weekend alone with God has helped me greatly, since I’ve been home!
It also was a hard weekend, as the Holy Spirit went “plowing” in my life!
I am looking forward to the next GodQuest!”  Christine, Akron, OH

“Thank You for your prayers. This retreat provided me the time I needed with God to receive an answer to my prayers.
I’m leaving with a better picture and clear understanding of what I must do. God has answered through much scripture: WAIT PATIENTLY (scripture references)” Janet, Bedford, OH

“I hope I can come to another silent retreat sometime. I think it was awesome. … ”  Roberta, Mt. Vernon, OH

“When my friends, coworkers and family found out that I was planning to attend a SILENT retreat, they all thought it couldn’t be done – at least not by me!
Since attending my first retreat, I now refer to the retreat as MY weekend with God. It is a wonderful time of fellowship with Him because I have the time and energy to focus on Him without all the distractions I would have in a normal day at home. It is time well spent as I come home refreshed and renewed in my relationship with God.” Linda, Massillon, OH